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The Hartnell CIPA II Team

Dr. Pimol Moth, Co-Principal Investigator, STEM Faculty, pmoth@hartnell.edu

Ms. Shannon McCann, Co-Principal Investigator, MESA Coordinator, SmcCann@hartnell.edu

Mr. Jim Riley, Project Management Advisor, STEM Faculty, jriley@hartnell.edu

Dr. Jesse Cude, Curriculum Advisor, Budget Manager, STEM Faculty, jcude@hartnell.edu

Mr. Andy Newton, Partnership Liaison, Planetarium Director, anewton@hartnell.edu

Mr. Jim Butler, Curriculum Advisor, STEM faculty, jbutler@hartnell.edu

Mr. Joe Welch, Internship Advisor, STEM faculty, jwelch@hartnell.edu

Dr. Kathleen Schrader, Responsible Administrator, Dean of Math/Science/Health Professions, kschrade@hartnell.edu

Grant Advisory Board

Dr. Michael Isaacson, Dean, Jack Baskin School of Engineering at UCSC & Science Director of the University Affiliated Research Center at NASA-Ames

Ms. Adrienne Harrell, Director of Undergraduate Affairs, Jack Baskin School of Engineering at UCSC

Ms. Lisa Hunter, Education and Human Resource Director, Center for Adaptive Optics

Ms. Barbara Love, Articulation Officer, UCSC

Dr. Charlie McDowell, Professor of Computer Science, Jack Baskin School of Engineering at UCSC & Science

Dr. Christopher Brophy, Faculty, Naval Postgraduate School

Dr. Craig Martell, Faculty, Naval Postgraduate School

Mr. Philip Deutschle, Teacher, Salinas High School

Dr. Ignacio Pando, STEM Counselor, Hartnell College

Ms. Beverly Grova, Dean of Institutional Advancement, Hartnell College

Mr. Andy Newton, Board Chair & CIPA II Partnership Liaison, Hartnell COllege