2017 Bob Johnson AG Tour - eye opening stats impress guests

Publish Date: 
Sep 5, 2017

2017 Bob Johnson AG Tour –eye opening stats impress guests

Wednesday, August 30, 2017 a group of Hartnell employees along with employees from CSUMB, Monterey Bay Aquarium, among others, attended the 2017 Bob Johnson Ag Tour. The tour provides the attendees with a glimpse of how the Salinas Valley produces healthy food for a nation. Hartnell’s Board Member, Candi DePauw along with the Monterey County Agricultural Education, Inc. (MCAE) organizes the Bob Johnson Ag Tour twice per year. MCAE is a non-profit organization of agriculturalists, educators, and interested parties dedicated to fostering respect and appreciation of Monterey County’s number one industry – AGRICULTURE.  The group received important information from Norm Groot before riding in a minibus provided by Tanimura & Antle, to visit the Green Rubber/Kennedy Ag installations along with an Ag-field stop at Pasco Farms. Adam Soares gave an in-depth look at implantation and harvesting.

At the end of the tour guests were treated to a complimentary lunch and a presentation on the MCAE’s Annual Farm Day, coordinated by Trustee DePauw, which is scheduled for later this fall.

The Hartnell staff who joined Trustee DePauw are: Dr. Lori Kildal, VP of Academic Affairs; Director of Communications, Esmeralda Montenegro Owen; Director of Adult Education & Workforce Development, Ana Gonzalez; and Administrative Assistant for President’s Office, Cristina Zavala.

The Monterey County Agricultural Education has been an active advocate for agriculture since the mid-1980s. The Farm Day Experience is MCAE’s primary program and in the first twenty years it has reached approximately 130,000 third graders; 26,000 parents (as chaperones); and hundreds of third grade teachers in Monterey County. During each school year, every third grade class in Monterey County is invited to attend one of three events, reaching approximately 6,500 students annually. The Farm Day Experience provides basic, current facts about the agricultural industry of our county, gives students and teachers the opportunity to become familiar with food production, and makes the important, personal contact with farming that has been lost through increased urbanization. It also gives those involved in our industry a chance to interact with the enthusiastic and interested children – and adults.

For inquiries regarding Farm Day on October 26th and volunteer sign up, please contact Candi DePauw at (831) 905-3669 or email candi@razzolink.com.