Andy and Mary Matsui donate largest philanthropic gift to Hartnell College Foundation

Publish Date: 
Nov 6, 2017

At a press conference on November 2, 2017, Teresa Matsui, on behalf of her parents Mary and Andy Matsui, announced the philanthropic gift of 215 acres of land northeast of Salinas valued at $20 Million to Hartnell College and the Hartnell College Foundation.  The land is located within the future growth area of Salinas. This gift is the largest that the Foundation has received in its history. 

The press conference began with the Color Guard from Soledad ROTC followed by an introduction by President of the Board of Trustees, Manuel Osorio and I. President of the Foundation Board, Anne Secker and Vice President of Advancement, Jackie Cruz joined the group at the podium to accept the gift from the Matsui Family.

“Education was always a high priority for my parents, so it was not surprising that they focused their philanthropy on education, and awarded scholarships to students whose lives could be transformed through the power of education,” commented Teresa. “We also came to believe that Hartnell was uniquely positioned to maximize the impact of my parents' gift to the benefit of the Salinas Valley and Monterey County.”
The announcement of this gift was very emotional for me. When I thought about the generations of families whose education dreams will be impacted by this gift, I had difficulty keeping my composure during the press conference. I am honored that the Matsui Family has placed its trust in Hartnell College to continue and to expand its noble work in transforming lives and strengthening our communities.

“With this generous gift of land, the Matsui family continues to demonstrate their confidence in Hartnell College, faculty, and staff with their abilities to provide a successful and healthy environment for our Salinas Valley student population,” remarked Trustee Osorio. “The Hartnell College Board of Trustees immensely appreciates their investment in our community.”

Teresa added that the power of transformation was also a big theme in their family. “You could live a rather predictable life, or you could upend those expectations and forge a new existence through vision, hard work, and sheer force of will.” She went on to say that this is an unrestricted gift, “so Hartnell is free to do what its leadership determines to be in the institution's best interests.”

During the presentation, the audience inside the Student Center heard from CSin3 Cohort 4 student, Ariel McCarthy, who shared how the Matsui scholarship has helped her, as a single mother of one, to keep her focus in completing the program successfully. She said that thanks to the $25,000 scholarship she received, she was able to move closer to college and afford transportation.

In recognition of their inspiring philanthropy across all of Monterey County, Anne Secker, Dr. Willard Lewallen, and Manuel Osorio presented Mary and Andy Matsui with the Transformational Philanthropic Award. Both Mary and Andy accepted humbly with a smile on their faces. They also received a letter from Congressman Jimmy Panetta and a certificate from Senator Anthony Cannella.

Since 2004, the Matsui Family has given more than $8 Million in scholarships to 200 students [and counting] from Monterey County high schools and community colleges. The Matsui Family through the Matsui Foundation has awarded $30,000 and $25,000 scholarships to students to pursue a bachelor’s degree in computer science through the accelerated CSin3 program. 

Also in attendance were Trustees Pat Donohue, Candi DePauw, and Erica Padilla-Chavez.