Campus greets VP Lolland at recepiton

Publish Date: 
Sep 11, 2018

Hartnell College faculty and staff welcomed Dr. Sonja Lolland, our new vice president of academic affairs, at a reception on Sept. 4.

Dr. Lolland has 20 years of experience in California community colleges. For the past two years, she was vice president of academics and student services for two years at Yuba College, where she led instructional and student services. She previously worked for 19 years at Sierra College, where she became dean of the Business, Applied Academics and Physical Education Division. Prior to moving into administration, she was a part-time and tenured business instructor at Sierra. 

Dr. Lolland also has 11 years of business experience at small, medium and large companies, including Arthur Andersen & Company, First Nationwide Bank and Verio, Inc. She holds a doctoral degree in educational leadership from the University of California, Davis, a master's degree in business from California State University, and a bachelor's degree in economics from the University of California, Davis.

Dr. Lolland serves on the board of the of the California Community College Athletics Association and the statewide advisory committee for the CCC Maker Initiative and is a member of the Association of California Community College Administrators (ACCCA) and the California Community Colleges Chief Instructional Officers (CCCCIO).