Equity Summit provides hands-on training for faculty and staff

Publish Date: 
Mar 13, 2017

On Friday, March 3, 2017, nearly 90 faculty, staff, and managers convened at the 2017 Equity Summit, a kick-off event for the Equity Series at Hartnell College. Two morning sessions had roughly 70 participants from across the campus groups and focused on Equity as a culture on campus.  The afternoon session included 28 total faculty who worked on developing Equity-based strategies to be implemented in the classroom and beyond.  Here is how the sessions were broken down:

  • Equity Summit morning session

The session provided a highly engaging and interactive workshop for administrators and staff to compare equal and equitable campus cultures.  Participants learned why "equity" matters to students who attend Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSI).  Attendees learned specific equitable institutional practices that set successful HSIs apart, plus learned practical strategies that they can use to further bridge the Institutional-Student gap to increase equity.

  • Equity Summit afternoon session

The workshop featured interactive demonstrations and peer-to-peer discussion of what equity looks, feels, and sounds like in the everyday classroom.  Participants were provided demonstrations and practical implementation discussions of two research-based practices that have been shown to boost learning and engagement for Latino/a students: small group learning and formative assessments.  

The opportunity to attend the Escala Summer Institute is extended to faculty. You can find more information here:  http://www.escalaeducation.com/the-hsi-faculty-summer-institute.html