Hartnell College joins the first consortium dedicated specifically to advancing success of men of color in community colleges

Publish Date: 
Apr 11, 2017

Hartnell College joins the first consortium dedicated specifically

to advancing success of men of color in community colleges

Salinas, Calif. – The Hartnell Community College District is excited to announce that we have joined the Community College Equity Assessment Lab (CCEAL) National Consortium on College Men of Color (NCCMC).  Our participation in the NCCMC will enhance our commitment to improving the success of historically underrepresented and underserved students, including men of color.

“Hartnell College has been focusing on the success of men of color for several years now. Last year we launched the MILE program (Men's Institute for Leadership and Education) to support the men of Hartnell,” commented Superintendent/President, Dr. Willard Lewallen. “We believe that our membership with CCEAL will complement and supplement our current efforts by providing access to resources that will help us support the success of our boys and men of color.”

Despite programs designed to enhance outcomes for men of color, in the United States only 17% and 15% of Black and Latino men, respectively, earn a certificate, degree, or transfer from a community college to a four-year institution in six years. Figures for men from other ethnic groups (e.g., Native American, Southeast Asian) also indicate an insurmountable need for improvement.

To combat this achievement gap, the NCCMC facilitates an exchange of ideas between community colleges across the nation on how best to serve men of color in our educational institutions. Community colleges convene to share their efforts and learn about new strategies for enhancing the success of men of color.

As a NCCMC member, Hartnell College will receive the following benefits:

  • Access to monthly webinars

  • Participation in information sharing sessions

  • Discounted rate to participate in the annual working group meeting

  • Free access to assessment tools (Male Program Assessment for College Excellence, Community College Student Success Inventory)

  • Discounted rate for CCEAL's flagship institutional assessment package (Community College Success Measure, Community College Instructional Development Inventory, and Community College Staff Development Inventory)

     Hartnell‘s engagement in the NCCMC will enhance professional development for faculty and staff, enable informed interventions for our current programs serving men of color, and inspire new initiatives addressing challenges facing these men.

    “This innovative group of college leaders will be instrumental in implementing cutting-edge practices and policies to address the achievement gap facing underrepresented men,” said Dr. J. Luke Wood, co-director of CCEAL.

    Launched in February 2015, the CCEAL has already seen much success in information-sharing between community colleges. An average of more than 1,000 consortium members participate in each webinar.

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