Hartnell receives $261,000 to support Adult Education and Workforce Development in our area

Publish Date: 
Aug 1, 2017

Hartnell College was awarded $261,000 through the Salinas Valley Adult Education Consortium (SVAEC) to implement adult education services in 2017-2018. This is an increase from last year’s award of $223,000. Hartnell is one of the 7 consortium members; the others include five local adult schools and Monterey County Office of Education. The SVAEC is funded by Assembly Bill 104 and supports the development of regional academic and career services for nontraditional adults, particularly those unemployed or underemployed. Some examples of what have been accomplished thus far include:

  • increase in outreach, college pathways, and services to nontraditional adults
  • contextualized basic skills support for CTE students
  • exposure to opportunities at Hartnell through pilot courses including: a series of Spanish computer courses, Introduction to Building Trades, and Introduction to Landscaping
  • development of a farmworker program to improve technical and supervisory skills (course will be offered in the fall), developed in collaboration with Driscoll’s and Hartnell’s Director of Farmworker Education, Clementina Macias
  • advocacy and support for the development of noncredit courses including, noncredit ESL and CTE courses; collaboration with the Noncredit Task Force headed by Kathy Mendelsohn and Dr. Kelly Locke

“I am so glad Hartnell is offering this computer class in Spanish because all jobs are now posted on the internet and want you to apply online. I had never used a computer before,” commented one of our students. Moving forward, Hartnell College’s Adult Education looks to continue the aforementioned services, as well as:

  • working in collaboration with DSPS to provide learning disabilities services to adults
  • partnering with various departments to create and promote noncredit on-ramps and off-ramps
  • exploring more education and vocational training options viable as noncredit offerings
  • increased transition support for non-traditional adult student

Noncredit courses increase access to education and training because they are tuition free, repeatable, and open to the public. Noncredit courses are intended to support basic skills, job skills, and provide a low-risk transition to higher education. For more information please contact Ana González, Director of Adult Education and Workforce Development, at 831-755-6719 or agonzalez@hartnell.edu.