Hartnell is a top transfer of underrepresented minorities to UCs!

Publish Date: 
May 12, 2017

Hartnell Community College District is happy to share exciting news.  The University of California (UC) recently released its data regarding the number of community college transfers to UC campuses for fall 2016. Hartnell College is proud to report that it experienced the largest number of transfers (80) in its history to the University of California.

The transfer of 80 students represents a 35.6% increase over the previous year (59). This includes a record 11 transfers to UC Berkeley, 10 of whom are Hispanic/Latino students. Prior to fall 2016, the highest number of transfers any year since 1994-95 to UC Berkeley was six (6).

Our relentless focus on student success and completion has resulted in unprecedented outcomes for Hartnell students. Our students have demonstrated tremendous grit and tenacity supported by a faculty, staff, administration and Governing Board that is committed to students achieving their education and career dreams.

Additionally, of the 80 total transfers, 75% were Hispanic/Latino students placing Hartnell College as one of the colleges with the highest rate of transfer for underrepresented minorities for the entire California Community College's system of 113 colleges. Also, by comparison, several community colleges with significantly higher enrollment than Hartnell did not transfer as many students to the University of California. Everyone at Hartnell should be extremely proud of the success of our students and should take tremendous pride in the work we are doing to help our students achieve their goals.

Photo caption – Lumi Barba at Hartnell College Commencement in May 2016. She transferred to UCLA where she is concluding her junior year.