Hartnell's Summer Camps = Great Success!

Publish Date: 
Aug 7, 2017

On the week of July 31, 2017 our Track & Field and All-Sports youth camps were hosted by our Hartnell College Men’s and Women’s Track & Field team. The turnout was amazing considering the camps were facilitated consecutively. These two camps were aimed for ages 10-16. The college welcomed an estimated 37 campers for both camps. These teams have hosted 4 camps this summer, serving a total of 137 campers!  The clinics are handled by volunteer student-athletes; the all-sports camp had 5 student-athlete coaches that exposed these youths to sports, such as: disc golf, badminton, pickle ball, field hockey, lacrosse, water polo, table tennis, dodgeball, foot golf, and rugby.

“The purpose for this camp was to build on their current skills and strengths,” stated Hartnell Track & Field Head Coach, Christopher Zepeda. The teams also hosted the Youth Track & Field camp welcoming 25 youth, ages 10-16. This camp also had the help of student-athlete volunteers. The week started off with a quick introduction to all Track & Field events: hurdles, long jump, shot put, pole vaulting and a 40-yard dash. This is a very dynamic camp for both volunteers and campers; coaches give youth some control over their daily schedule by choosing which events they would like to learn first or last.

“Next year, hopefully, we will feature a hiking camp,” added Coach Zepeda.