Jasmine Camba awarded Pister Scholarship

Publish Date: 
Apr 26, 2017

As it is usual around this time of year, I get scholarship award letters for our students here in my office. I enjoy calling students in to our Cabinet meetings and introduce the top leadership team while also handing over a letter for them to read.

It was my honor to share with Jasmin Camba the good news that she is the recipient of the Pister Scholarship for $10,000.00 at UC Santa Cruz. She read the letter with joy and softly said, "this is great!" She is happy to continue her studies at UC Santa Cruz majoring in Plant Science. Her goal is to become a Naturopathic Integrated Medical Doctor.

During her time at Hartnell, she has been active in STEM.  She participated in a 10-week Summer STEM Internship in 2016 in Kansas and presented her findings in plant science at the STEM Symposium. At UC Santa Cruz, she was selected to participate in the 2017 ACCESS Program for which she is thankful.

Jasmin is from Salinas and was raised by her grandma. "I owe everything to her," she exclaimed.

Besides science, Jasmin enjoys the arts, roller skating, rock climbing, singing, and dancing.