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Hartnell Gives Students Most Value

January 19th, 2007

For people in the Salinas Valley and the central coast of California, there is a bright light amidst all the news about the rising costs of attending college: Hartnell College.

Even before the cost per unit of attending a community college in California went down to $20 (from $26) on January 1st, Hartnell College was recognized as being one of the best bargains in the country.

According to a November 3, 2006 report in The Chronicle of Higher Education, Hartnell College was one of 12 California community colleges whose tuition and fees for the 2006-2007 year were under $700 per year.

The data on 3,265 colleges and universities were compiled by the College Board in its 2006-07 Annual Survey of Colleges. The lowest annual cost of any college was $690.

Hartnellís cost-at $698-was the most affordable college in central California.