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Access to PE Classes at Hartnell College and Community Colleges Limited for High School Students

June 22nd, 2004

Because of the recent passage of California legislation, community colleges - including Hartnell College - have had to limit the number of high school students who can enroll for physical education classes this summer.

Senate Bill 338, which became effective in the spring, states that only 10 percent of every physical education class at a community college can enroll "concurrent enrollment students," defined as students who attend both a high school and a community college, according to Mary Dominguez, Hartnell's director of enrollment services.

She said that as many as 100 students may have been turned away from physical education classes for the six-week summer session which began Monday (June 21).

Of the total 4,557 students enrolled in summer classes at Hartnell as of Monday, 356 are high school students, Dominguez said.

She explained that the 10 percent limitation applies only to PE classes of which there are 17 this summer.

Addressing the issue of those high school students who were turned away from PE classes, Hartnell President Edward J. Valeau said, "We are concerned that high school students interested in enrolling in physical education classes at Hartnell have had to face a closed door. One of the hallmarks of California community colleges has been a policy of accessibility for all. The situation is particularly distressing because for some of the students turned away, enrolling in a PE class would have been an introduction to college life. However, our hands are tied because of the new legislation."

For more information, contact Mary Domingez at (831) 755-6714.