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Hartnell College to Offer Free Parking in the Fall to Thank Students for Their Patience

June 23rd, 2005

Students attending Hartnell College in the fall will not have to pay parking fees.

The college's board of trustees and Hartnell President Edward J. Valeau supported the elimination of the $25 semester-long student parking fee to thank students for their patience as the college builds a three-level parking structure and a new 68,000-square-foot learning resource center (library). Daily parking fees for students also will be eliminated.

For the last year, students have had to park in temporary lots while the two buildings are constructed.

"Students have been so terrific in dealing with the construction projects on campus," said Valeau. "Therefore, we thought it was very appropriate to eliminate the parking fee in the fall to let them know how much we appreciate their patience in this matter."

The $18 million parking structure, which will provide 1,174 spaces, will open in October, according to Stan Crane, assistant to the president for Measure H. The $19 million learning resource center will open its doors in early 2006.

The campus changes are funded by the successful passage in 2002 of the college's $131 million Measure H bond measure and other state funds.

Associated Students President John Jackson is thrilled with the decision to eliminate parking fees for the fall semester. "I think that eliminating the parking fee shows great concern by Hartnell for its students."

The fall semester begins Monday, August 15.

For more information, call Stan Crane at (831) 755-6795.