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Hartnell College Names Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs

July 26th, 2007

Hartnell College has named Dr. Kathleen Rose its interim associate vice president of academic affairs. Dr. Rose has served the college as its dean of fine arts, language arts, and social sciences for five years.

In making the two-year appointment, Interim Superintendent/President Dr. Phoebe Helm emphasized the need to focus the college’s resources on its academic mission while it addresses issues of accreditation, academic program review, and student learning outcomes.

“Dr. Rose is an experienced teacher and leader, uniquely qualified to work with the grass roots faculty and the faculty leadership to develop the assessment tools and processes that will help us move forward together,” said Dr. Helm. “With Dr. Rose’s leadership, we will engage in a continual improvement process such that, over time, we will be able to answer quite affirmatively that most important question, ‘Is Hartnell a better college this year than it was last?’”

Dr. Rose earned her doctorate in education from the University of Arizona, where she also earned her master’s degree in education, counseling, and guidance. She earned her bachelor’s degree in education and English at the State University of New York at Geneseo. She has taught at a number of colleges and universities, including Chapman University, Golden Gate University, and Prescott College.

“I am very excited to have the opportunity to assist the college in this direct way,” said Dr. Rose, “not only to address the challenges that the accrediting commission put before us, but also to help create a long-lasting academic change on campus.”

Stepping in as interim dean of fine arts, language arts, and social sciences is Dr. Lisa Miller. Dr. Miller has been the director of Hartnell’s Campus Learning Resources and Online and Distance Learning since October 2005. She earned her Ph.D. in education from UCLA, her M.A. in teaching English to speakers of other languages from the Monterey Institute of International Studies, and her B.A. in linguistics and international affairs from the University of New Hampshire.