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Employers Voice Satisfaction with Skills of Hartnell College Graduates

July 28th, 2004

Salinas Valley employers are satisfied with the quality of Hartnell College graduates, according to a college study.

The study, according to Chris Myers, Hartnell's director of institutional research and planning, assessed how well Hartnell is preparing its graduates for the workforce, as well as to ascertain the knowledge, abilities, and skills that are important to employers.

"The results of the survey," according to Myers, "provide information that will assist Hartnell's instructional and student services staff to better prepare students for employment."

According to survey findings, employers rated the general education knowledge and abilities of Hartnell graduates as being very good or average.

Employers also rated the college's graduates as having very good to excellent abilities in following directions, attitude toward work, overall performance, working as a team member, and quality of work.

About 50 employers were involved with the 2002 survey.

For more information, contact Chris Myers at (831) 755-6972.