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Japanese Students Coming to Hartnell College to Study Agriculture

August 8, 2002

Once again, east meets west August 18-26 when five students and two faculty members from Miyagi Agricultural College in Japan come to Hartnell College to learn more about the agriculture of the Salinas Valley.

"The visit is part of a longtime sister-college relationship between Hartnell and Miyagi," said Cicely McCreight, executive director of the Hartnell College Foundation, sponsor of the visit. "We are most honored to be hosting the Miyagi students again this year," she said.

During their stay, the students will take several field trips to study vegetable crops and ornamental horticulture as well as visit Gatanaga Nursery and Sakata Seed, Inc., in Salinas. They also will visit several local sites, including the National Steinbeck Center and the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

The Japanese visitors will be housed with local families, according to program coordinator Joanne West. "Integration into an American family," says West, "is an important part of the student's time spent in Salinas. It is also rewarding for the families to have a student from another culture in their home."

The Hartnell-Miyagi relationship is more than 20 years old. Over the years, many Hartnell students have visited the Miyagi campus, located near Sendai. For example, in 1992, 19 Hartnell music students and instructor Carl Christensen, visited the campus to commemorate Miyagi's 40th anniversary. Miyagi will celebrate its 50th anniversary this October.

For more information, call Joanne West at (831) 755-6890.