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President Edward Valeau Calls Hartnell College 'a Beacon' for Education

August 22, 2002

Hartnell College is "a beacon for those interested in accessing education," according to college President Edward Valeau, who recently addressed a convocation of Hartnell's faculty and staff. The convocation was held prior to the opening of the fall semester, which began Monday, August 19.

In his address titled "Where Have We Been and Where Are We Going," Valeau commended the college's faculty and staff for their "shared vision" of keeping Hartnell focused on its mission of being one of California's premier community colleges.

He noted that Hartnell's extensive outreach efforts over the last few years have created a "going to college" culture in elementary, middle and high schools throughout Hartnell's service area. He said many of the college's faculty members and students have visited area schools to "increase the awareness, understanding and value of enrolling in a college setting."

And those outreach efforts have paid off, Valeau said. "The pipeline we created," he said, "has increased the number of students attending Hartnell from about 6,500 in 1995 to about 10,500 in 2001."

In addition, Valeau noted Hartnell-in recent years-has been much more successful in retaining students by offering more counseling and tutoring services. He also said the college's success rate in transferring students to four-year colleges and universities has increased significantly over the last two years.

In addition to Valeau's address, the convocation included comments by Darlene Dunham, president of the college's board of trustees, as well as representatives from faculty and staff leadership.