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Most Hartnell College Students Satisfied With Campus, Survey Finds

September 26th, 2006

Most Hartnell College Students Satisfied With Campus, Survey Finds The majority of students attending Hartnell College are satisfied with how most aspects of the college are functioning and would choose to attend Hartnell if they were starting college over, according to a recent survey.

The study of student opinion was conducted in the fall of 2005 by the college's institutional research and planning office, which also surveyed Hartnell employees and community members about their satisfaction with the campus.

For the student survey, questionnaires were completed by 703 respondents (approximately 7% of the student body), according to Chris Myers, Hartnell's director of institutional research and planning.

He said that students described "the quality of education as good, and they are positive about extracurricular activities, such as cultural and social events and recreational activities."

Myers also said students were satisfied with many support services, such as the library/learning resource center, computer services, tutoring and counseling-related services such as career planning, academic advising, and personal counseling.

The student survey, according to Myers, also shows that faculty members demonstrate a positive attitude toward students, and students are making satisfactory progress toward their educational goals.

The parking situation on campus was viewed as needing improvement by students, according to survey results. However, since the new three-level parking structure opened after the survey was conducted, parking is less likely to be a concern. Some students also said they would like more courses offered at different times and locations and in different formats.

According to Myers, community members said Hartnell has "a positive campus climate that is respectful of the diverse community served by Hartnell, and college personnel are responsive to community needs, offering a wide variety of courses and programs."

The survey of employees concluded that employees are concerned about student academic success and committed to high standards, according to Myers He also said survey results indicate student diversity is valued, and employees possess many positive attributes, such as being committed, caring, and helpful, to serve students well.

Employees pointed to a few areas that needed improvement, including a revision of administrative processes for decision-making and communication to increase effectiveness, and the allocation of resources to better reflect planning goals, priorities, and needs.

Myers said the three surveys were conducted as part of the college's self-study for the re-accreditation process for the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges. They survey results will be used to help assess the degree to which the college is fulfilling the accreditation standards, as well as providing information that will be used to improve Hartnell's programs and services.

For more information on survey results, contact Chris Myers at (831) 755-6972.