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Hartnell College Reports 10 Percent Increase in Students Transferring to Four-Year Public Colleges in California

Oct. 2, 2002

The number of students transferring from Hartnell College to public four-year colleges and universities in California increased 10 percent this year, according to Ruth McMullen, the college's director of counseling, transfer services and matriculation.

She said 450 Hartnell students transferred to four-year public schools in the state during 2001-2002, compared to 409 the previous year.

"We are very proud of this figure," McMullen said, "because it reflects Hartnell's determination and success in helping students succeed in their pursuit of higher education."

Of the 450 students who transferred, 401 enrolled at one of the California State University campuses and 49 went on to a University of California campus, McMullen said. She pointed out the transfer report does not include Hartnell students who transferred to four-year private or out-of-state institutions of higher learning.

Hartnell offers a wide array of student services to assist students. These include counseling, tutoring, as well as a Transfer Center, headed by Maria Castillo, counselor and coordinator of transfer services. The center's staff, according to Castillo, offers general assistance to students interested in transferring and provides a variety of resources and services to assist them.

For more information on Hartnell's transfer study, call Ruth McMullen at (831) 755-6723.