RFP - Installation of Telecommunications Solution

Publish Date: 
Dec 9, 2016
RFP - Installation of Telecommunications Solution

Hartnell College, is a located in the greater Monterey area. Hartnell’s existing PBX is an aging and unsupportable NEC 2400 IPX and 4-Port AD64 Voicemail. They would like to replace/upgrade their current system with a new one that is supportable and meets their needs. They currently have a mix of digital, analog and IP handsets. No current call center.



Vendors may contact Communications Strategies for any questions related to this RFP. Salient responses will be emailed to all Vendors as addendums to the RFP. Telephone calls are permitted; however, verbal communications are not binding and should not be relied upon until confirmed in writing. Direct communication with any person at Hartnell College regarding this RFP is not permitted. 

Lead Consultant: Scott McCoy, scottm@comstrat.com, 408-540-6556