Salinas Aviation Day - a surprise for dozens of students

Publish Date: 
Jun 27, 2017

Last week, students from the Salinas City Elementary School District were surprised when they realized that their "walking field trip" was really an almost personal mini Air Show, right in our backyard! The group ended up at the local Salinas Municipal Airport; the tour was led by Brett Godown.

California Air National Guard Lt. Col. Jose G. Agredano came with members of the 130th Air Rescue Squadron from Moffett Field. They did a fly over Salinas (#AFFLYOVER) and landed a C-130 military transport aircraft. To the surprise of our students, they later came into the airport and were received by Councilwoman Gloria de la Rosa, representing Salinas City Mayor; airport authorities; and myself.

Students heard the guests talk about college, careers, and following their dreams, plus, they got autographs, pictures, and tours of some of the aircrafts at the airport. 

Our friend Jeff Mitchell (former Media Group Community Connection Event leader at the Salinas Californian) called us a few months ago and asked if we would like to partner with him in making this day happen. 

Special thanks go to our incredible K-12 STEM Programs staff and teachers who walked with the students and made things flow!

A photo album is available at