Sharing Success of CSin3 with others

Publish Date: 
Jul 6, 2017

On Friday, June 30, 2017, Assembly Member Anna Caballero, along with several members of the San Jose Evergreen Community College District, joined us in the STEM Center Building, for a special meeting focusing on the success we have had with CSin3, our partnership with CSU Monterey Bay, and collaboration with high tech companies to provide our students with invaluable experiences. 

The presentation included a video that shows results and testimonials after Cohort 1 graduated in May 2016. It shows the story of opportunity, perseverance, and grit. Two students in Cohort 4 spoke of the CSin3 program as a special place to be and they are thankful for all the work put into it to create successful professionals in computer science. In addition, the faculty spoke of outcomes, which are unheard of in all other computer science programs in the country. In San Jose, they would like to implement something similar and we are more than happy to share our methods and best practices.

Members in attendance included Anna Caballero, Assembly member and member of her staff; Jorge Escobar, Vice President, San Jose City College; Mayra Cruz, Board Member, San Jose Evergreen Community College; David P. Lopez, Executive Director, Maestros Accelerator Program; and Robert Gutierrez, METAS at San Jose City College. Hartnell representatives included Manuel Osorio, Board of Trustees President; Trustee Erica Padilla-Chavez; Trustee David Serena; Lori Kildal, VP Academic Affairs; Jackie Cruz, VP Advancement and Development; Shannon Bliss, Dean of Academic Affairs; Esmeralda Montenegro Owen, Director of Communications; CSin3 Faculty and Co-Directors Dr. Sonia Arteaga (Hartnell) and Dr. Sathya Narayanan (CSUMB); student speakers from Cohort 4, Eros Aldahir Gonzalez-Lopez and Rachel Zempoalteca.