Cabrillo College visits Mi CASA

Publish Date: 
Jan 29, 2018

On Tuesday, January 23, 2018, the Center for Achievement and Student Advancement (Mi CASA) received a special visit from their Cabrillo College partners.  Cabrillo College Interim Director of Student Success and Equity, Dr. Nereida Oliva, who is also part of the Hartnell College Ethnic Studies faculty was present for this collaboration visit.  The Cabrillo Dream Program staff and Dream Ambassadors came along with Dr. Oliva to witness and learn how Mi CASA has been successful in reaching out and providing services to our Hartnell Dreamers and local Dreamer community.  During this visit, the Cabrillo College team was also able to get a glimpse of the welcoming environment Dreamers walk into when stopping by Mi CASA, as they were able to participate in the Mi CASA Spring 2018 welcome.  Mi CASA is delighted to collaborate with Cabrillo and other colleges, as such collaboration has a greater impact for the Dreamer community.