Nursing and Allied Health FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Registered Nursing, Associate's Degree
2 years, 4 semesters

Respiratory Care Practitioner, Associate's Degree
2 years, 4 semesters

Vocational Nursing, Certificate
1 year, 3 semesters
Spring - Spring

A series of immunizations, a health screening, a drug screen, a live scan background check, and a current American Heart Association Healthcare Provider certification are required after conditional acceptance in the program. Questions regarding these requirements should be directed to the Dean of Nursing and Allied Health.

Yes, for current licensed LVN's and students transferring from other ADN programs there is an opportunity to enter the RN program as an advanced placement student. If you are interested in applying to the RN program as an LVN advanced placement student, please contact the main counseling office at 831-755-6820 for an appointment with a Nursing and Allied Health counselor to determine if you have completed all the prerequisite courses.

To be admitted to the registered nursing program, Hartnell College does not ‘require’ nursing care experience; however, we do advise for either volunteer or paid direct-patientcare experience. This experience is invaluable in introducing the clinical setting and helping you better understand the nursing world of work.

All Nursing and Allied Health programs are full-time programs with theory courses, lab and clinical rotations generally during the day. (Some rotations may be in the evening hours).

There is no restriction against working while enrolled in a Nursing and Allied Health program. However, it is not advised to work more than 16-20 hours a week as it can interfere with your success in the program. It is not advised to work on days in which classes or clinical experiences are assigned. You will not be permitted to leave early or arrive late to clinical or class.

You can set up an account and register for the location and time of your choice at 

Yes, please call the main counseling office at 831-755-6820 for an appointment with Gabriela Lopez, the designated Nursing and Allied Health counselor.

It is highly encouraged, but not required. Please call the counseling department at 831-755-6820 to make an appointment with a Nursing and Allied Health counselor.

A nursing counselor must evaluate course descriptions provided by the student for each prerequisite or general education course completed at another institution. Once reviewed, the nursing counselor completes and signs a “Course-to-Course Evaluation Form” that MUST be included with the application. Appointments with a nursing counselor, by calling the Hartnell College Counseling Office at (831) 755.6820 or bring a copy of your transcripts to a Nursing Group counseling session. (See Counseling Group Session schedule on website. It is best to check early to see if your courses are equivalent to Hartnell College courses. Counseling appointments should be made well ahead of time, as nursing counselors are busy at certain times of the year.