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Registered Nursing Program Outcomes

The Hartnell College Associate Degree Nursing (ADN) Program faculty embraces the core values of caring, competence, collaboration and curiosity. These core values, basic philosophical statements from the Roy Adaptation Model, and the nursing process create the conceptual and structural frameworks for the curriculum. The curriculum has a progressive design, from maintaining health to promoting health, progressing to restoring and finally to optimizing health.

The curriculum is presented in a simple-to-complex framework, beginning with the introduction of basic nursing care, wellness, and patients' responses to simple physiological changes in health. It progresses to patients' responses to complex physiologic changes, and nursing leadership and management strategies. Nursing theory, clinical reasoning, skill development, cultural and ethical awareness, and clinical practice are integrated throughout the curriculum. Hartnell College ADN graduates are prepared to practice in settings where patients require support, education, advocacy, and care.

Historically, in 2004, a new nursing curriculum was implemented using the Roy Adaptation Model. Faculty members agreed with the underlying principles of the Roy Adaptation Model (RAM). However, many of the faculty members and students had difficulty using and understanding Roy vocabulary required for organizing clinical data. As a result of this difficulty, the Doenges & Moorhouse Diagnostic Divisions was chosen as the organizing framework for assessment and data collection.

Roy's definitions remain relevant to the Hartnell College ADN program. "Nursing is a health care profession that focuses on human life patterns and emphasizes promotion of health for individuals, families, groups and society as a whole. Nursing knowledge is based on a strong commitment to values about the person and strives to understand how people interact with the environment and behave holistically to influence their health." (Roy, 1999)

The Hartnell College Nursing Program's mission, vision, and values statements; concept definitions; and the Nursing Process and Doenges and Moorhouse frameworks are integrated into the curriculum and taught to students from day one to graduation. They are the basis for organizing nursing knowledge, patient data, and for developing plans of care.



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To ensure a quality Registered Nursing educational plan, please contact the main counseling office at 831-755-6820 for an appointment with LaVerne Cook, the designated Nursing and Allied Health Counselor.

LVN to RN:
If you are interested in applying to the RN program as an LVN advanced placement student, please contact the main counseling office at 831-755-6820 for an appointment with LaVerne Cook, the designated Nursing and Allied Health Counselor to determine if you have completed all the prerequisites.
At this time, we are uncertain of spaces available, but we encourage you to apply.