Open Educational Resources for Faculty

Hartnell College is committed to enhancing student achievement. Student success is compromised when students are unable to access required textbooks and course materials.

To assist faculty with the selection and adoption of affordable materials, below are compilations of open educational resources (OER) which are free online and a self-paced training for finding, adapting and/or developing OERs.

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OERs -- Open Educational Resources -- How to find, adapt, and develop them step by step!
  • Course is organized into five “pursuits,” each of which represents one facet of the world of OERs
  • Participants are encouraged to complete all of the pursuits by following the suggested course progression, but each pursuit can also be completed individually


Watch the Video

Archived webinar from @One on the COOLforEd resource.

COOLforEd features peer-reviewed open textbooks for the 50 highest impact college courses.


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