OPEN FORUMS - College and Public Feedback

On October 20, 2017 an Open Forum was conducted to give the public and college community information on upcoming projects.  Below is a summary of the information given at that forum.  After the summary is a link and the opportunity for the reader to provide the District with feedback on these projects.

Link A– Measure T Projects for Series A of the Bond Recap (PowerPoint slide)


Center for Nursing and Health Science Building/Parking Secondary Effects

  •  Main Campus - Corner of W. Alisal and Homestead
  •  Increases instructional and learning support  sf from 8,000 to 24,000
  •  Currently in conception phase – i.e. location and what is impacted
  • Design phase will include formation of committees from the campus community to work with the architect to primarily design the interior of the building.
  • RFP for architectural services for this and other projects are issued and due back first week of Nov.
  • Parking Lot 3 will be impacted and will lose approximately 34 employee parking stalls. (Link to Parking Lots 3 and 4 diagram)
  • A study of the Parking Structure use and availability was conducted during the week of August 28 (Link to Parking Structure Survey). Use was assessed at 9am, 1pm, and 6pm Monday – Thursday and the study determined that the Parking Structure was never more than at 50% capacity. A walk from the Parking Structure to Buildings D and E takes approximately 3 minutes.
  • Currently no parking stalls in the Parking Structure are designated as employee parking. It is proposed that 50 parking stalls on the first floor of the Parking Structure be designated as employee parking to replace those lost from Parking Lot 3.

Link B – Nursing and Health Sciences Site Plans Conceptual Drawings Campus Placement

Link C – Nursing and Health Sciences One Story – Two Story Conceptual Drawings

Hartnell Welcome and Safety/Security Kiosk

1.   Kiosk to serve as the security office & information center. It will serve as a very visible security hub will serve as an information center for students and visitors.

  • The proposed location is near the parking garage main driveway. It will be nestled between Merrill Hall and the Student Center with views toward the main entry corridors from Central and Homestead.
  •  Approximately  216 sf
  •  Room for 2-3 security guards or assistants
  •  Security camera viewing screen and security technology center
  •  Room for a small meeting area
  •  Within a fenced area there will be an area for a golf cart charging and parking station

   Link D Conceptual Drawing 1 – Site Plans Potential Location

2.   Exterior Elevation options:  Each option is inspired by the existing buildings & materials on the campus.

  • Lighter color metal panels with a red roof and a dark anodized window system
  • Use of siding to develop a screen for the golf cart parking/charging station and HVAC unit
  • A place for signage shown on the roof as to provide visibility from a distance
  • Windows on three sides as for visual observation of the campus
  •  A security walk-up window with a small counter

Link E Conceptual Drawing – Option A Elevation Drawing (Red Roof/Dark Frame Windows)

Link F Conceptual Drawing – Option B Elevation Drawing (Gray Roof/Light Frame Windows)

Link G Conceptual Drawing - Option C Elevation Drawing (Round Roof)

Landscape and Accessibility Improvements (will be included with renovation of Buildings D & E)

  •  High image and traffic area – largest, open space  on interior of the campus
  •  Create an inviting and functional space for students
  •  Starting at Buildings D & E – terrace the space up to the STEM Center Building. 
  • Create smaller spaces for groups use.
  • Every level 2’ up, walls also serve as wind breaks.
  • Create an architectural element  (concept shows something similar to the swirl of HC logo)
  • Topography level at top is same as current level surrounding open space.
  • Includes exterior elevator that meets current safety and accessibility standards.

Link H Conceptual Drawing 1 – Landscape Architect’s Drawing Open Space Aerial View

Link I Conceptual Drawing 2 – Architect’s Drawing Open Space Plaza Area Lower level

Link J Conceptual Drawing 3 – Architect’s Drawing Aerial View Plaza and External Elevator

Link K Conceptual Drawing 4 – Architect’s Drawing Plaza Looking West to STEM Bldg.

Starbucks Licensed Store on Hartnell Main Campus

  • Full service Starbucks store with all drink and food options
  • Starbucks wants Hartnell to be a showcase and model for other California community colleges
  • Will create employment opportunities for students
  • Will supplement existing food service options
  • Starbucks has College Achievement Plan (scholarships) currently for employees attending four-year institutions. Opportunity to develop College Achievement Plan for community college students
  • Will improve part of the space in the Student Center

Link K – Starbucks and Hartnell College (logos slide)

Link L – Starbucks Conceptual Drawings Store Location and Store Depiction

Link M – Starbucks Opportunities


Please click on the link below to open the survey and provide feedback on the information provided above.  We welcome and request your thoughts and feedback.

Survey Link for Open Forum (Oct. 20, 2017)