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Hartnell College Online Orientation

You have made a very important decision to achieve your career and life goals by continuing your education at Hartnell College. All new students should complete an orientation to college preferably before their first semester. This orientation is designed for students who are interested in an online version and are proficient in computers and working online. It is a self-paced orientation, requiring students to be responsible and to work independently. If these factors appeal to you and if you are a self-motivated learner, the online orientation format is for you. You will need internet access, including the ability to both send and receive email.

Orientation Description: Information on college success skills, student rights and college policies, campus resources, registration procedures, course selection for first-time college students are addressed.

There are several ways to complete the orientation requirement:

Complete the online orientation located in these pages. This orientation can be completed from the convenience of your home, school, or office.

Review the Orientation Calendar to find a session time that works for you. Allow two to three hours to complete Orientation. The first two hours of your Orientation session will be spent sharing a variety of materials with you that will help you be successful in college. The last hour is optional. Student Ambassadors will be available the last hour to assist students in registering for classes for those students who would like registration assistance.

Before you begin your orientation you should have completed:

Hartnell College Application for Admission

The placement assessment and have your scores- If not, call for an appointment 831-755-6820 or complete the assessment at your nearest CA community college and call 831-755-6820 for prerequisite clearance steps.

Additional Online Links/Materials

As part of the online materials needed for the orientation, you will use the following links, we suggest that you open these links now and minimize, so you have access to them when needed:

Current Hartnell College Catalog

Current Hartnell College Schedule of Classes

Learning about the requirements for your educational pathway through completion of this orientation is the first step in the process of creating your first semester schedule. After completion, you can register for your courses online.

Registration for your courses (registering online through PAWS)