Outcomes and Assessment

Welcome to the Hartnell Student Learning Outcomes website!


Student learning outcomes (SLOs) are general skills, knowledge, or masteries which students are expected to have after completing a course or program of study. SLOs are developed for every course and program offered at Hartnell College. The College has also identified General Education/Institutional Learning Outcomes, which we call our Core Competencies.

This website is provided as a source of information to students, faculty, and the community. It makes available materials addressing SLOs, forms for completing processes, and reports on assessment.

Please send any requests for information or resources, corrections and trouble-shooting comments to:

Jason Hough at 755-6994 or jhough@hartnell.edu.

Cheryl O'Donnell at 755-6740 or codonnell@hartnell.edu.

Liz Morales at emorales@hartnell.edu.