Virtual Desktops and Thin Clients

Standard WYSE thin client setupAs a step towards unifying the technology across Hartnell College's campus, we are bringing virtualization and thin clients to replace your traditional desktop PCs.

Where will my files go?

  • Your files already follow you: With folder redirection in place, your files already follow you regardless of which virtual desktop you sign into.
  • You will confirm FIRST: Before we replace your desktop, you will need to confirm the upgrade with your division. 
  • You can back up your files multiple ways: Detailed instuctions are available on the PDC website.

Why Virtualize? 

  • It improves our ability to serve you: With virtualization, maintenance on your desktop can be performed remotely and after work hours. This prevents any inconveniences for both faculty and the IT staff.
  • Protects your data: With virtualization, your data is automatically stored on our campus servers which are backed up. You no longer need to worry about losing data due to hardware failure. 
  • It saves money: Virtualization allows us to remove the need to continuously upgrade our PC Desktops across the campus. Also, thin clients are much cheaper to replace in the case of hardware failure compared to traditional desktops. 

WYSE Thin Client


  • AMD G-Series T48E Dual Core 1.4GHz processor
  • Windows embedded standard 7 Operating System
  • 16GB flash/4GB RAM DDR3-1333MHz memory
  • Radeon HD 6250 Graphics
  • 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet
  • 4 USB 2.0 ports (2 front, 2 back)


CSUMB Capstone: A portion of this upgrade initiative is being conducted by CSUMB students as their Capstone project. 

Meet your CSUMB Technicians:

Colin Auxier A former  Hartnell student-worker in the IT Department. He is finishing his last semester at CSUMB and will attain his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, at which point he will begin his search for job opportunities.


Juan Amaral A native of Salinas, California, Juan has been attending CSUMB since graduating from Alisal High School in 2011 and is currently in his senior year. Juan will obtain his bachelor's degree in CSIT with a concentration in Software Engineering. Juan's past experience includes an internship as a research assistant at the Naval Postgraduate School.


Michael Coates I earned my Associates Degree in Computer Science Information Technology--Network / Security option from Hartnell in 2013. Transferred to CSUMB on a CSIT scholarship with CSIT as my major and Network / Security as my concentration. I have a passion for Cyber / Information Security, with my main focus being to improve my current skill-set in Information Security for better marketability upon graduation. I compete in security competitions called CTF's (capture the flag) and helped create a team combining students from CSUMB as well as Hartnell called Ravensec. As a team in the most recent competition of the National Cyber League (NCL) we took 3rd place in the nation in our bracket. Needless to say technology is an active part of my life and I plan to make a career of it upon graduation.