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TUTORIAL: Create an account with the Vision Resource Center (VRC) PLEASE NOTE: this presentation refers to the PLN (the old name for the VRC), but the core functionality is still the same!

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The Professional Learning Network (PLN) is now called the Vision Resource Center (VRC), and it is a professional development and networking platform provided free of charge to employees of California Community Colleges. Getting started with a free VRC account provides access to the following services: Logo


  • Training in multiple subjects
  • Online elearning library with over 4,000 courses!

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  • Focused on business, digital, and IT elearning
  • Over 1 billion learning modules!

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  • Focused on internet tools and cloud services
  • Hundreds of micro-learning video lessons and tutorials

To learn more about the VRC, review the tutorial above or contact an instructional technologist to register for training.