Physics 4C Labs

  • Physics Laboratory Report Format
    1. Balanced Torques and Center of Gravity
    2. Rotational Dynamics
    3. Hooke's Law and Simple Harmonic Motion of a Spring
    4. Velocity of Sound
    5. Electrical Equivalent of Heat
    6. Specific Heat of an Unkown Metal
    7. Temperature Measurement and the Heat of Fusion of Water
    8. Efficiency of a Heat Engine
    9. Standing Waves on a String
    10. Finding The Speed of Sound Using a Resonant Air Column
    11. Harmonics and the Superposition Principle
    12. Four Slit Interference
    13. Michelson Interferometer
    14. Square Antenna
    15. Reflection and Refraction
    16. Thin Lenses
    17. Atomic Spectra