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Frequently Asked Questions About The ACCT Presidential Search Process

Q: Who reviews and evaluates the candidates' applications?
A: The Search Committee reviews and evaluates all applications.

Q: Will the Board of Trustees see the applications?
A: The trustees have the option of reviewing all applications.

Q: Who decides which candidates will be invited to a first level interview?
A: The Search Committee decides who to invite and how many to a first level interview.

Q: How are the finalists who are sent to the Board of Trustees selected?
A: The Search Committee will determine, through a consensus process, which three to five names will be forwarded to the Board of Trustees for further consideration and will forward these names unranked.

Q: What kind of background checks are conducted and who receives that information?
A: ACCT has a team of professional reference consultants who perform preliminary reference checks for the semi-finalists and comprehensive reference checks for the finalists.
The Board has the option of requesting that ACCT contract with an outside independent national firm to conduct criminal and financial background reports for the finalists. ACCT recommends that the Human Resources Office request official transcripts.

Q: How are public forums for the finalists generally conducted?
A: Campus visits and open public forums for the final candidates typically include campus tours, formal public forums to which the campus and community are invited for a Q and A session with each candidate, and executive session interviews with the Board of Trustees.

Q: Are site visits made to the campuses of finalists?
A: This is a board decision, but ACCT encourages a site visit to the current college of the final candidate.

If you have further questions or concerns about the process, please contact Board Chair Erica Padilla-Chavez through our search liaison, Terri Pyer, at tpyer@hartnell.edu or 831-755-6706.