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Search Leadership

Presidential Search:  Search Leadership

The Association of Community College Trustees (ACCT) will lead us through the search for a new superintendent/president. Our ACCT search consultant is Dr. Pamila Fisher, pamfisher@bresnan.net.


Presidential Search Committee:

Fabian Barrera
Community member
Paulette Bumbalough   Hartnell dean (administration)
Leti Contreras   Hartnell instructor (faculty union)
Matt Coombs   Hartnell vice president (administration)
Candi DePauw *   Hartnell Trustee
Mary Dominguez   Hartnell vice president (administration)
Liz Estrella   Hartnell instructor (academic senate)
Sandra Fernandez   Hartnell student (ICC)
Elia Gonzalez-Castro   Hartnell Trustee
Joanne Taylor Johnson   Community member (Foundation)
Enrique Flores Mendez   Community member
Michelle O'Neal   Community member
Judge John Phillips   Community member
Eric Price   Hartnell staff (classified senate)
Ismael Ramirez   Hartnell staff (L-39 union)
Dora Sanchez   Hartnell supervisor (administration)
Nancy Schur-Beymer   Hartnell instructor (academic senate)
Ron Waddy   Hartnell instructor (academic senate)
Margie Wiebusch   Hartnell staff (CSEA)
Daisy Regalado   Hartnell student (student senate)

* Search committee chair