All printing should be done on campus at the MFDs found in the following locations:

A-125 (Professional Development Center)              C-133 (Adjunct Office)

D-102 (Academic Affairs Office)                            D-254 (Faculty Hallway)

D-354 (Faculty Hallway)                                      E-222 (Faculty Hallway)

E-322 (Faculty Hallway)

J-110 (contact Maria Marin at or 755-6793)

J-207 (contact Maria Marin at or 755-6793)

Alisal campus – Main office

King City campus – Faculty/Staff workroom - 108B

If you have special projects that require colored paper, colored inserts or binding of materials please contact Joanne Ritter at or 831-770-6129 to establish an account at Office Max.

Please be considerate of other facultys’ print needs when running large print jobs. Do not send a large print job to a MFD and walk away, leaving the printing unattended.

Please refer to the IT Onboarding Guide for additional information.

IT Onboarding Guide