Activity Fee: Programs and Services

The Student Services/Activity Fee funds activities and services for the entire Hartnell College student body. Part of this fee supports the ASHC, student clubs, and governance activities. Payment of this fee will also activate your Student/CatCard ID. Bring your  receipt as proof of payment to obtain your Student/CatCard ID. You may request a copy of your receipt at the Cashier's Office. Continuing students must also bring the I.D. card that was issued to them in the previous semester for activation. For more information contact the Office of Student Life at (831)755-6734.

**Please note that financial aid recipients will also be charged $10.00 for the Student Services/Activity Fee

** This fee will be refunded ONLY if the student withdraws from Hartnell College and/or requests a refund prior to the issuance of the Student Services/Activities card but no later than the second week of classes. Refund request forms are available in the Office of Student Life.

Activity Fee Information

Student Services/Activity Fee: $10 **
  • Attention: Lost or Stolen Hartnell ID Cards have a $5.00 replacement fee (paid at the Cashiers' Office)
Where/How do I use my Student ID Card?
  • Check out books at the Hartnell Library (required).
  • Load money to pay for on-campus printing.
  • Use as a Debit card at the Hartnell Grille (cafeteria).
  • Identification for Hartnell Student Services (admissions, financial aid, cashiers, counseling, assessment offices)
  • Fitness Lab/Weight Room Identification/Log-in (Required)
  • Benefits and Services provided by the Student Activity Fee (ASHC programs/services)

ASHC Programs and Services

  • Book Voucher Program 
  • Free Scantrons/Green Book (1 per student)
  • ASHC Scholarships
  • Graphing Calculator (Texas Instrument TI-84 Plus) Rental Program
  • Week of Welcome
  • MST Free Fare Zone
  • Free entrance to Hartnell Sport Games (Local)
  • Free entrance to Western Stage Plays
  • Game Center Access
  • Discounts at Selected Local Businesses



Augustine Nevarez


He believes in an open door policy at all times for any student attending Hartnell College.

Augustine Nevarez has been working for Hartnell College for the past 16 years.
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C - Student Center
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Selso Ruiz

Selso Ruiz

Selso attended Hartnell College immediately following High School. After receiving all general education at Hartnell, Selso transferred to CSUMB where he completed a Bachelor of Science degree in Telecommunications, Multimedia, Applied Computing (TMAC). 

Selso has been working at Hartnell College for over 2 years.
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C - Student Center
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