Reading & Writing Academy

The  Reading & Writing Academy will not be held this winter. Please check back for the summer 18 Reading and Writing Academy!


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Improve your abilities in a friendly, no-stress environment where you will learn to

  • Study efficiently
  • Prepare effectively for reading and writing
  • Acquire skills and confidence that will help you succeed at Hartnell College



The Reading & Writing Academy is designed to accelerate students who are planning to take English 253 or English 101 at Hartnell College. At the end of the two weeks, academy students who show mastery of basic English may be moved to English 1A!

Selected students will be sent a time sensitive invitation by email a few weeks before the Academy, after the registration period has ended.  

Why Reading & Writing Academy?

Is there a good reason to give up two weeks of vacation or work?

How about:

  • Free  Academy registration
  • Free access to Lending Library textbooks available to Academy Students   (Access Codes must be purchased separately by the student)
  • Reading & Writing Academy may help you finish your English requirements sooner!
  • Lifeline Counseling and Tutorial support during the semester after the Academy

Got Questions?


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Interested in applying to be a tutor for the Reading & Writing Academy