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Hartnell Recycles

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Help us make a clean sweep--recycle your used paper, cardboard, soda cans and plastic bottles. This new web site is designed to provide information about on-campus efforts to limit the amount of waste we produce and to encourage recycling.

Did you know that in 2006:

  • Hartnell recycled 68% of the waste produced?
  • Hartnell recycled 22.7 tons of cardboard?
  • Hartnell recycled 34 tons of office paper?
  • Hartnell recycled 17.7 tons of scrap metal?
  • Hartnell recycled 120 tons of yard waste?

Please take advantage of the new blue recycling containers on campus to separate recyclables from your trash. Take a few minutes to educate your students and colleagues.

Hartnell College is promoting our recycling program on campus.  If interested in joining the Recycling Committee, please contact Brian Adair at extension 6117 or via email at badair@hartnell.edu.  

Please call DC Washington at extension 6974 (dwashing@hartnell.edu)  if you wish to request to have your own blue recycling container(s) at your classroom, work station or office.  The Blue recycling containers can collect a variety of mixed items such as: Cardboard, Newspaper, Aluminum cans, Glass beverage bottles, Magazines & catalogs, Paper bags.  Additional information will be provided in the near future.

It takes all of us to make a difference. Stay tuned for more information about how the Student, Classified, and Academic Senates, CTA, CSEA, L39 and Administration will be working together to transform our campus.