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Hartnell Community College District Maps Adopted by the Board of Trustees on
November 1, 2011. (en Español)

Every 10 years, following the National Census, jurisdictions across the country that elect representatives by area or district must consider the issue of redistricting. Redistricting shapes political boundaries of election districts to comply with the Voting Rights Act and to maintain a balance of population within districts. Local governments such as counties, cities, and school districts that elect governing boards will redraw their boundaries with population figures from the 2010 census. The Hartnell Community College District formed a Redistricting Advisory Group to provide community input and guidance into the redistricting process. After public meetings, the 14 member Redistricting Advisory Committee unanimously recommended a plan to the Board of Trustees, which the Trustees adopted on November 1, 2011. This plan becomes effective upon preclearance by the Department of Justice, anticipated in April, 2012. The new trustee area plan being submitted to the Department of Justice (the preclearance submission) is available for viewing in Hartnell's President's office.

Links to the new maps are provided below.

Comments or questions may be submitted to redistricting@hartnell.edu.