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Historical Data

Historically we have the following Screening Data from the college.

This link takes you to a folder that will allow you to choose the excel workbook that pertain to your annual data collected by the college about your program for the years 06-07 to 08-09 . This data is not interactive. This will allow you to look at this data across several years.
The following are notes about this data and is available at the bottom of each page of data.

 Hartnell College EIS System

1 Duplicated headcount at census. Thus, a student enrolled in three courses is counted three times.

2 Course Retention Rate = (total grades - withdrawals) / total grades.

3 Successful Course Completion Rate = (A + B + C + Credit grades) / total grades.

4 Cost per Unit = (instructor salary + benefits) / number of units. Excludes sections with faculty cost = 0.

5 Revenue per Unit = (($4,565 / 30) X Weekly Student Contact Hours) / number of units.

6 Revenue to Cost Ratio = revenue per unit / cost per unit.

7 Efficiency = Weekly Student Contact Hours / Full-Time Equivalent Faculty. Excludes courses offered through JPA consortium and Academic Learning Center courses with FTEF = 0.

8 Degrees and Certificates Earned = total degrees and certificates earned during academic