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Tool 1 Persistence and Success

Tool 1 Persistence and Success (This tool will only work on a campus computer with a valid login.)

The Persistence and Success Tool provides data on a cohort of students who successfully pass a specified course in a specified semester and then continue on to persist in a second specified course during a given time frame. The data provided for the cohort include:

  • The number of successful students from the initial course who then take the second course broken down by:
    • The semester during which they take the second course
    • The success rate of those who take the second course during that semester
    • Duplicated and unduplicated headcount
    • Repetition data for the second course
  • Ethnicity
  • Age Count
  • Gender Count
  • Certificate and/or degree completion


Reasons for using the Persistence and Success Tool:

  • To examine sequence pathways: For instance, at Hartnell College our Biology degree program has three biology courses that are required for the major that are not sequential. This tool could be used to examine data to see if there is a sequence of taking these courses that shows that students are more successful as they move on compared to other sequences.


  • Order for taking courses: For instance, do students have a higher rate of persisting and succeeding if they take the required chemistry and physics courses before advancing to the required major biology courses for the Biology degree.
  • Examining data to determine need for prerequisites: Many courses require that a research paper be completed as an assignment, but the course itself does not have any prerequisite in place for having obtained these skills.  This tool could be used to gather data to see if students who have taken a course that covers the research process such as English 1A succeed better in a subsequent course that requires a research paper such as in a history class or psychology class.