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Tool 2 Cohort Success Analysis Over Time

Tool 2 Cohort Success Analysis over Time (This tool will only work on a campus computer with a valid login.)


The Success by Course Tool provides performance data on a cohort of students who enrolled in a single course in a given semester. The tool also provides performance data for those students who were successful in the initial course as they continue with coursesover a given timeframe. For the initial semester, the data provided for the cohort include:

  • The number of students enrolled at Census
  • The number of students who successfully passed the course(s) with a grade of A, B, C or P
  • The number of students with a grade of W
  • The number of students who were unsuccessful with a grade of A, B, C or P

For those students who are successful in the course(s), additional performance data is provided for the specified time frame. These data includes:

  • Enrollment in subsequent semesters
  • Average number of units attempted
  • Average number of units completed successfully; and
  • Number of withdrawals or a grade of D, F, I or NP.

Reasons for using the Success by Course Tool:

  • Identify course-taking behavior and performance of students in subsequent semesters.
  • Obtain a quick snap shot of enrollment, retention and success at the course level.
  • Examine performance of students enrolled in a particular pair of courses at the same time; for example, to analyze data from a learning community.