2015-16 Resolutions
2014-15 Resolutions
15-1  Support STEMART Lab
2012-2013 Resolutions

Resolution 4.13: Definition of an Active Course

Resolution 3.13: Administrator Evaluations

Resolution 2.13: Enhanced Course Communication and Academic Success by Creating Course Shells for all Hartnell Classes

Resolution 1.13: Support of Lisa Storm for the position of California Community College Advisor to SB 1052's California Open Education Resources Council

2011-2012 Resolutions

Resolution 1.12: Academic Freedom and the Removal of Ken Rand's Algebra Textbook from the Hartnell College Bookstore
Resolution 2.12: Endorsement of the document: A Blueprint for Student Success at Hartnell College

2010-2011 Resolutions

Resolution 1.11: Use of Paraprofessionals
Resolution 2.11: Shared Governance Decision-making Process and Selection of Course Management System (CMS)

2008-2009 Resolutions

Resolution 1.09 Commendation of Admissions and Records Staff
Resolution 2.09 Commendation of Liz Estrella
Resolution 3.09 Commendation of Jennifer Fellguth
Resolution 4.09 Courses Taught in compressed Time Frames and Alternative Delivery Formats

2007-2008 Resolutions

Resolution 5.08 Regarding Establishment of Emergency Response and Planning Committee 
Resolution 4.08 Regarding Replacement Full-time Faculty Hiring 
Resolution 3.08 Regarding Distance Education 
Resolution 2.08 Regarding Commitment to Develop and Adopt a New Shared Governance Process 
Resolution 1.08 Regarding Hartnell College General Education/Institutional Outcomes

2006-2007 Resolutions

Resolution 9.07 Regarding Approval of Technology Master Plan 
Resolution 8.07 Regarding Hiring of Full Time Physics Faculty 
Resolution 7.07 Regarding Establishment of Enrollment Management Team Shared Governance Committee (PDF)
Resolution 6.07 Regarding Information Competency Graduation Requirement (PDF) 
Resolution 5.07 Regarding HCAS Statement on Professional Ethics (PDF) 
Resolution 4.07 Regarding Support of CSUMB Faculty 
Resolution 3.07 Regarding Fund Raising Events in Campus Facilities
Resolution 2.07 Regarding Shared Governance Committees
Resolution 1.07 Regarding Support of Hartnell College Faculty

2005-2006 Resolutions

Resolution 1.05 Regarding Board Policy 2005