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Campus Safety - Policies

Assistance for Victims of Sexual Assault

With the approval of the victim, Campus Safety members will assist in contacting support services for victims of sexual assault. Such services include:
  • Notify the Office of the Associate Vice President, Student Affairs and Athletics, CAB Building, C153, (831) 755-6822, the Rape Crisis Center and Student Crisis Counseling.
  • Confidentiality, medical attention, and physical protection.
  • Academic and Student Affairs intervention, including changing the academic situation of the victim upon request when reasonable accommodations can be made.
  • If the victim does not wish to initiate legal action, this will be noted. In any event, general medical care may be provided. The victim has the right to press charges at a later date if desired. Members of the Campus Safety Department are committed to assist victims in any way possible. The victim's written consent is required for the release of any public information regarding the assault. An alternative to remaining silent about a sexual assault is the Third-Party Rape Report. The victim maintains anonymity and the incident, time, place, and descriptions of the suspects are relayed to peace officers for preventative action.