Faculty and Staff Directory

 Last/Department Name:  First Name:  Ext:  Position:  Area:  Location:  Email:
Saechao-Jimmeye Belinda 770-6148 Program Assistant II Nursing & Allied Health B217  bsaechao@hartnell.edu
Saldana Nancy 755-6820 Counselor - Adjunct Student Affairs B129A  nsaldana@hartnell.edu
Salgado Fanny ext: 7863 Technician (EOPS/CARE/CalWORKs) Student Affairs B130  fsalgado@hartnell.edu
Sanchez Sara 759-6062 College Pathways Coordinator Student Affairs R  ssanchez@hartnell.edu
Sanchez Robert ext: 7713 Records Evaluator (Admissions & Records) Student Affairs B128  rosanchez@hartnell.edu
Sanchez Dora 755-6951 Payroll Supervisor Administrative Services E108  dsanchez@hartnell.edu
Sanchez Lourdes 755-6960 Administrative Assistant III Advanced Technology and Applied Science AC-A101  lsanchez@hartnell.edu
Sanchez Leticia 770-7072 Instructional Aide (HEP) Languages, Learning Support and Resources AC-A112  lesanchez@hartnell.edu
Sanchez Jorge 755-6780 Instructor (Anthropology) Social and Behavioral Sciences E314  jsanchez@hartnell.edu
Sanchez Jonathan 755-6734 ASHC Senator Student Affairs C102  
Sanchez-Ryan Mindy 755-6972 Program Assistant I (CS-in-3) Science, Technology, Engineering and Math AC-A111  misanchez@hartnell.edu
Santana Jennifer 755-6975 Accounting Assistant Administrative Services E108  jsantana@hartnell.edu
Schlotthauer Maria 755-6909 Program Assistant II (Veterans) Student Affairs C138  mschlotthauer@hartnell.edu
Scholarship Office   755-6811   Advancement and Development/Foundation B121  
Schumacher Anna 755-6929 Young Outreach Assistant Western Stage KBOOTH  aschumacher@hartnell.edu
Schur-Beymer Nancy 770-6150 Instructor (Nursing) Nursing & Allied Health B206  nschur@hartnell.edu
Science & Math Institute (SMI)   770-6131   Science, Technology, Engineering and Math S106  
Science, Technology, Engineering and Math   755-6875   Science, Technology, Engineering and Math S215  
Security (Campus Safety)   755-6888   Administrative Services C135  
Selover Jon 755-6982 Artistic Director Western Stage K113  jselover@hartnell.edu
Senate (Academic)   755-6761   Student Affairs J110A  
Senate (Classified)   755-6923   Student Affairs D120  
Serrano Ramon 770-6119 Technician (Library) Library Services A145  rserrano@hartnell.edu
Serrano Lucille 755-6900 Executive Assistant, Supt/Pres and BOT Superintendent/President E102  lserrano@hartnell.edu
Silva Lorena 755-6927 Director (Mini-Corps) Student Affairs A147  lsilva@hartnell.edu
Silveira Julia 755-6853 Administrative Assistant II Institutional Planning and Effectiveness D102  jsilveira@hartnell.edu
Social and Behavioral Sciences   755-6739   Social and Behavioral Sciences D102  
Sosa Wendy 759-6035 Program Assistant II (Student Success) Student Affairs AC-A102  wsosa@hartnell.edu
Speelman Luana 755-6928 Buyer Western Stage KBOOTH  lspeelma@hartnell.edu
Sports Counseling Center   755-6840   Athletics, Health-Physical Education and Sports Counseling H107  
Spotts Ronald 755-6734 ASHC Senator (Evening/Weekend/Online) Student Affairs C102  
STAAR Assessment   759-6054   Student Affairs B106  
STEM Internship Program   770-6131   Science, Technology, Engineering and Math S104  
Stephens Deborah 759-6064 Librarian (Systems/Technology) Library Services A210  dstephens@hartnell.edu
Storm Lisa 755-6745 Instructor (Administration of Justice) Social and Behavioral Sciences E218  lstorm@hartnell.edu
Stuart Keith 755-6950 Custodian (Maintenance and Operations) Administrative Services L  
Stuart Kenneth 755-6950 Custodian (Maintenance and Operations) Administrative Services L  kestuart@hartnell.edu
Student Activities   755-6825   Student Affairs C104  
Student Development Center   759-6007   Student Affairs B130  
Student Life Office   755-6734   Student Affairs C102  
Student Services (Alisal)   759-6093   Alisal Campus AC-A102  
Student Services (Main)   755-6822   Student Affairs B123  
Student Services Support Program (SSSP)   759-6013   Student Affairs D114  
Students In Free Enterprise (SIFE)   755-6744   Student Affairs E208  
Suarez Martha 755-6950 Administrative Assistant II (Maint and Ops) Administrative Services L  msuarez@hartnell.edu
Suarez Imelda 759-6093 Enrollment Services Specialist Student Affairs AC-A102  isuarez@hartnell.edu
Sullinger Seaneen 770-6143 Assistant Director of Registered Nursing Nursing & Allied Health B218  ssullinger@hartnell.edu
Summers Kris 755-6998 Accounting Assistant Administrative Services B117  ksummers@hartnell.edu
Superintendent   755-6900   Superintendent/President E102  
Suttie Jennifer 755-6878 Program Assistant II (Agriculture Institute) Advanced Technology and Applied Science AC-C203  jsuttie@hartnell.edu
Svendsen Christine 755-6851 Instructor (CIS) Science, Technology, Engineering and Math E205  csvendsen@hartnell.edu
Sweeney Jill 759-6000 Food Service Manager Administrative Services CCAFE  jsweeney@hartnell.edu
Switchboard/Operator   755-6700   Administrative Services B116  
Szamos Aron 755-6821 Counselor (Transfer Services) Student Affairs B129I  aszamos@hartnell.edu