Faculty and Staff Directory

 Last/Department Name:  First Name:  Ext:  Position:  Area:  Location:  Email:
Taketomo Amy 755-6886 Instructor (Chemistry) Science, Technology, Engineering and Math S223  ataketomo@hartnell.edu
Tapia Marlene 755-6860 Specialist (EOPS) Student Affairs B130  mtapia@hartnell.edu
Taylor Adeline 755-6990 Stage Manager Western Stage K109  ataylor@hartnell.edu
Techaira David 755-6835 Accounting Manager Administrative Services E108  dtechair@hartnell.edu
Technology   755-6960   Advanced Technology and Applied Science AC-A102  
Teresa Daniel 755-6837 Athletics Director Athletics, Health-Physical Education and Sports Counseling H115  dteresa@hartnell.edu
Teutsch (Tabor) Maria 755-6943 Instructor (English) Languages and Fine Arts E318  mteutsch@hartnell.edu
Theatre Box Office   755-6816   Western Stage K148  
Thomas James ext: 7775 Assitant Store Manager (Bookstore) Administrative Services CBOOKS  jthomas@hartnell.edu
Thorpe Debbie 770-6153 Instructor (Nursing) Nursing & Allied Health B212  dthorpe@hartnell.edu
Ting Layheng 755-6788 Insitutional Research Analyst Institutional Planning and Effectiveness T  lting@hartnell.edu
Torres Joel 759-6082 Counselor - Adjunct (TRIO/Dreamers) Student Affairs D115  jtorres@hartnell.edu
Torres-Zuniga Nora 770-6102 Technician (Human Resources and EEO) Administrative Services D108  ntorres@hartnell.edu
Tovar Jessica 755-6720 Financial Aid Lead Student Affairs B121  jtovar@hartnell.edu
Trafton Lucy 755-6998 Accounting Assistant Administrative Services B117  mtrafton@hartnell.edu
Training Room   755-6846   Athletics, Health-Physical Education and Sports Counseling H07  
Transcripts   755-6711   Student Affairs B121  
Triano Steven 755-6961 Instructor (Agriculture) Advanced Technology and Applied Science AC-C101  striano@hartnell.edu
TRIO (SSSP)   759-6013   Student Affairs D114  
Tutorial Center   755-6815   Languages and Fine Arts A214