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Financial Information Subcommittee

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Hartnell College -CAB-112 - 411 Central Avenue, Salinas, CA
May 17, 2012 at 3:30PM

Al Munoz, Management
Joanne Trevino, Classified Senate


Matt Coombs, Admin
Eric Price, CSEA
Melissa Stave, Senate
Ann Wright, HCFA


Laura Warren

5:02 p.m.

Agenda #1

Topic:Approval of Minutes from April 13, 2012 meeting
Presenter:Al Munoz
Summary of Agenda Item:Ann moved to approve minutes; Eric seconded. There were no questions or changes. Minutes approved.
Action(s) required:

Agenda #2

Topic:Approval of Agenda
Presenter:Al Munoz
Summary of Agenda Item:Ann Wright requested that the order of topics be changed and that Al's presentation of "May Revise Impact for Hartnell's 2011-12 and 2012-13 Budgets" be listed first on the agenda.

It was further requested that discussion involving the 50% be discussed at the next meeting.

Agenda changed; no further changes made.
Action(s) required:Al will be attending the ACBO conference in Sacramento on 5/21-5/23 and expects to bring back a lot of information related to 50% and the FON (faculty obligation number).
Responsibilites:Al Munoz
Deadline(s):June 21, 2012

Agenda #3

Topic:May Revise Impact for Hartnell's 2011-12 and 2012-13 Budgets
Presenter:Al Munoz
Summary of Agenda Item:Al led the discussion related to the "May Revise" and the impact it will have on the college. Discussion followed regarding workload reduction.

Al stated that the Tentative Budget is being produced currently and will be brought to the June Board Meeting for approval.

Al also touched on the redevelopment agencies and that they are going to be disposing of assets and it is the responsibility of the successor agency to sell those assets. Unfortunately, the college may not receive any of the money from the sale of assets in a timely manner. He told everyone that he is hoping to receive clarification at the ACBO conference.

Discussion then followed with regard to block grants related to state mandates. Al said that CalGrants are going to be more restrictive; default rates are high.

Al then spoke at length about the Tentative Budget and discussion followed. A training session will take place on June 5 and June 6 is the date for approval of the Tentative Budget.

Melissa asked if the college is pulling from reserves to which Al responded that we are in order to get the college through this year.

No action taken.

Action(s) required:

Agenda #4

Topic:Program Recommendations for Math and Science
Presenter:Ann Wright
Summary of Agenda Item:Ann provided a handout entitled "Math, Science, Engineering, Library, and PE Program Planning and Assessment Budget" and discussion ensued.

Matt Coombs then responded to questions related to eCollege, Sakai, and etudes. Matt stated that presentations have been made to faculty and there is a poll going out between the three choices for distance ed. Matt told the group that the college would be utilizing eCollege through December at least.

Al stressed to all that his biggest concern is related to eCollege because its high cost could wipe out the proposition 20 funds.

Matt then spoke about GroupWise and said that it will be used until January of next year. There are two options to change to: Gmail and Zimbra. He believes that if a poll was done right now, Gmail would be the favored product.

No action taken.
Action(s) required: