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Resource and Allocation Committee

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Hartnell College Board Room - CAB-112
October 13, 2010 at 3:00PM
I.Call to Order/Roll Call

II.Approval of Agenda

III.Approval of Minutes

IV.Announcements/Public Comments

V.Unfinished Business - Discussion/Recommendations

VI.New Business Discussion/Recommendations

1. Hiring Recommendations from the Faculty Hiring Committee - Terri Pyer/David Beymer will be presenting and discussing their methodology as well as their actual recommendations

2. Hiring needs for the college - what does our organization currently look li,e, are there unmet needs, what are the recommendtions? And, what do we need to know for our analysis?

3. Is there a need to schedule another meeting this month to discuss, analyze and understand recommendations by Hiring Committee

4. Discuss notes from July 16th RAC meeting for review/reminder.

VII.New Reports

VIII.Follow-up Items/Future Agenda Items