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Resource and Allocation Committee

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Hartnell College - 411 Central Avenue (CAB-112), Salinas, CA 93901
July 11, 2012 at 3:00PM

Ann Wright, HCFA

Tony Anderson, Academic Senate
Dale W. Fuge, L-39
Willard Lewallen, Superintendent/President
Eric Price, CSEA
Ismael Ramirez, L-39
Joanne Trevino, Classified Senate

Al Munoz
DJ Javier
Kelly Locke
Melissa Stave

Laura Warren

4:43 p.m.

Agenda #1

Topic:Approval of Minutes
Presenter:Ann Wright
Summary of Agenda Item:Eric Price motioned to approve minutes from prior meeting; Joanne Trevino seconded. Minutes approved with no changes.
Action(s) required:None

Agenda #2

Topic:Resource Requests
Presenter:Ann Wright
Summary of Agenda Item:Ann stated that previously the committee had been reviewing the resource requests that were brought forward from the IT department, Math/Science/Engineering/Library, and PE. Other areas have not yet been reviewed. Al Munoz stated, in his capacity as co-chair of the FIS, that his recollection was FIS would move forward to recommend to the RAC, who in turn would recommend to the President, that funds in the amount of $200,000 be allocated from Fund 41 for expenditures. Al stressed that the $200,000 would have no impact on the general fund. Ann then reminded everyone that it is not RAC's position to determine where the funds are allocated but rather the deans will determine the allocation. Discussion and questions followed.

Joanne Trevino then said that PE has made an additional resource request for a smart classroom in PE136. Joanne added that a quote has been provided and will be submitted as an addendum to PE's report.

After brief discussion, Tony Anderson brought forth a motion to recommend allocation of $200,000 out of Fund 41 for instructional equipment. Eric seconded said motion; no opposition; the motion carried.

Dale Fuge turned the conversation back to prioritizing and asked about the change in administrative structure and what role that would play in the allocations. Ann reminded everyone that RAC has the documentation related to resource requests and all work can be done using the documentation. Willard Lewallen added that possessing this documentation is very important for accreditation as well as for the allocations. He also stated that, ultimately, something needs to come back to the RAC illustrating how the funds were allocated thus closing the loop. Further discussion ensued.

Eric then began a motion to ask a group to get together with regard to convening a meeting in order to review the prioritized resource request lists. Willard added the report should be delivered to RAC at the August 8th meeting. Ann then amended Eric's motion to include the following: The group, consisting of Brian Lofman, Kelly Locke, Kathy Mendelsohn, Willard Lewellan, Danny Teresa, Zahi Kanaan-Atallah, and Mary Dominguez, will convene in order to review these prioritized resource request lists with the allocated amounts and report back to RAC at the August 8th meeting. Vote was all in favor; none opposed. The amended motion carried.

Ann then directed the meeting to the presentation made by David Beymer on behalf of the Faculty Hiring Committee at the previous RAC meeting. The purpose of David's presentation was to discuss the need for temporary hires and, at that time, RAC made a recommendation to hire four full-time temporary faculty in Nursing, English, Math and Psychology/AOD. The positions were advertised and one has been filled. Discussion then followed related to FTES and FON.

No further action taken.

Action(s) required:1. Meeting to review prioritized resource request lists.

2. Provide report to RAC at August 8 meeting.
Responsibilites:Ann Wright

Agenda #3

Topic:Shared Governance Evaluation Process
Presenter:Ann Wright
Summary of Agenda Item:Conversation began with regard to the various committees and who makes up the committees. Ann reminded the RAC that a year-long overhaul was done in 2008 and last fall an evaluation process was initiated. Willard asked if a report was available; Ann responded that there is no formal summary although information is contained within the meeting minutes. Discussion ensued related to how the RAC actually functions and if the small number of members (7) should be expanded. Further conversation followed. No action taken.
Action(s) required:None

Agenda #4

Topic:Meeting Schedule
Presenter:Ann Wright
Summary of Agenda Item:Ann reminded the committee that the RAC's standard meeting is held on the 2nd Wednesday of the month and the 4th Wednesday is reserved in the event additional meeting time is necessary.

Al stated that at the June Board meeting, the Board directed the campus community to come together to look at the tentative budget which was presented at a $2.5 million deficit and, to search for ways to bring the deficit down in a shared governance format. Al's recommendation is that meetings are held weekly throughout July to discuss the budget and deficit. He offered to provide a presentation at the first meeting and then ask the attendees to put forth ideas to lower the deficit. Al also reminded the committee that the tentative budget was built on voters not approving the Governor's tax initiative. Al stressed that the college community has to plan. There are many issues including an impact on human resources to be looked at.

Joanne asked when the meetings will take place to which Al replied that the meetings could take place under RAC's governance with the first meeting on Wed., 7/18 at 10:00 a.m., but subsequent meeting times may differ. The meetings will provide for an intensive analysis of ways to decrease costs and increase revenue. Finally, Al said he projects an approximate $400,000 deficit; the Board approved a $374,000 deficit.
Action(s) required:Under the governance of RAC, a meeting will be scheduled on Wednesday, 7/18 at 10:00 a.m. at which time Al will provide a presentation on the budget and the meeting will open for discussion on possible methods to decrease the deficit.
Responsibilites:Al Munoz
Ann Wright

Agenda #5

Summary of Agenda Item:
Action(s) required: