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Resource and Allocation Committee

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Hartnell College Board Room - 411 Central Salinas, CA
August 26, 2009 at 3:00PM

Ann Wright
NOTE: These minutes were approved at the combined RFC meeting on 9/9/2009.
NOTE: This was a combined meeting of the Resource AllocationCommittee (RAC), Financial Information Sub-Committee (FIS), and Cabinet members.

*Please see final agenda item for list of RFC members present at this meeting.
*For voting purposes of motions at this meeting RAC members present: A.Wright,
A.Cortes, D.Fuge, K.Locke, Langston Johnson, N.Shur, M,Wiebusch

Shannon McCann

Rachell Summers

4:58 pm

Agenda #1

Presenter:Ann Wright
Summary of Agenda Item:No motions were presented at this meeting
Action(s) required:None

Agenda #2

Topic:Approval of RFC minutes, 7/24/2009 and 8/12/2009
Presenter:Ann Wright
Summary of Agenda Item:The minutes from July 24 were approved as amended. Motion was moved by Peter Calvert to accept minutes; seconded by Dale Fule, all RFC members voted in favor.

The minutes from August 12 were approved as written. Motion was moved by Langston Johnson to accept minutes; seconded by Nancy Schur. Margie Wiebusch, Kelly Locke, and Peter Calvert abstained from voting as they were not present at 8/12/2009 meeting. All other RFC members voted in favor.
Action(s) required:None

Agenda #3

Topic:Announcement of extension of budget approval deadline to October 2009
Presenter:Ann Wright
Summary of Agenda Item:Ann Wright announced that the 2009-2010 budget has been given extension. It will now be on the October 6, 2009 Board of Trustees agenda for approval.

Action(s) required:None.

Agenda #4

Topic:Sumary of Sacramento workshop
Presenter:Ann Wright, Peter Calvert
Summary of Agenda Item:Ann Wright distributed a handout of details that Barbara Yesnosky preparted about the Budget Wrokshop that was held in Sacramento on Friday, August 21, 2009.

Peter Calvert gave a verbal recap of the budget workshop and stated that much time had been spent focusing on catagorial funding.

Action(s) required:Continued reporting on budget updates.
Responsibilites:Barbara Yesnosky

Agenda #5

Topic:Report from ALC Redesign Team
Presenter:Shannon McCann, Jennifer Lagier
Summary of Agenda Item:Shannon reported that the ALC Redesign team met on 8/25/2009. There was discussion that the ALC Redesign Team wanted to have further direction from RAC about what was expected from their committee and where to go from here. They had met in Spring 2010 and gave a presentation to RAC by the May 15, 2009 deadline requested by RAC.

It was suggested that areas to explore now are how to improve efficiencies; if the ALC offers services in the future, what would they look like; define what "services" actually means for the ALC. A suggestion was made to think of the services as directed learning activities.

Langston Johnson suggested that the redesign team revisit the summary pages of the four groups from the ALC Redesign Team and analyze any curriculum changes in Fall Term and what is needed for Spring 2010.

Ann Wright stated that RAC wants to continue services but that the ALC redeign team needs to bring recommendations back to RAC on what services will be offered. Kelly Locke stated that we need to help students pass math, English and computer classes, so the services of the ALC are definitely needed.

The underlying efforts of redesigning the ALC was to make it less expensive to operate. If the ALC redesign Team can make that happen, then the services may be able to continue.

It was suggested that the ALC Redesign Team analyze what are the most important priorities; make short-term recommendation, and what can be done in Spring 2010, Fall 2010.

Armando Cortes said he felt that RAC wanted to keep the ALC, improve it, and make it more efficient for Spring 2009 and then even more so in Fall 2010.

There was discussion about what efficiency meant. Did it mean more students going through the ALC? If so, then how to measure success of the ALC? Is it just number of students served or is it student success?

A suggestion of a survey of students using the ALC might be informative as to why they are using the services. Is it because they do not have technology resources away from campus? Is it because they just want to pass a math, English, or computer class, or do they strive to have higher grades than just passing grades? Answers to the survey will indicate whether Hartnell is fulfilling student needs.

Gary Hughes said that Langston Johonson, Cheryl O'Donnell and Stan Crane can help Shannon McCann and the ALC Redesign Team.

Discussion ended with the reaffirmation that it is RAC's intention for the ALC Redesign to occur.
Action(s) required:Report back from ALC Redesign Team
Responsibilites:Shannon McCann, Jennifer Lagier, and the ALC Redesign Team

Agenda #6

Topic:Update on status of CALL Building use
Presenter:Gary Hughes
Summary of Agenda Item:Gary reported that the Nursing program is on target to move into the CALL Building in November 2009. The nursing program staff did a walk-through and the furniture will be ordered by September 1st.
Action(s) required:Continued reports on the status of moves into the CALL Building
Responsibilites:Gary Hughes

Agenda #7

Topic:Any other reports from shared governance groups
Presenter:Ann Wright
Summary of Agenda Item:Ann asked if there were any other reports from shared governance groups not noted specifically on the agenda.

Greg Peterson said that the Pod Leaders met on August 26 (same day as this RFC meeting) to talk about schedule of classes.

Update on moves: Neil Ledford has moved into the old AVP offices of Career & Economic Development office. Ignacio Pando has moved into where the Math & Science Institute offices are. Humanities and Fine Arts Pod leaders will move into the Distance Learning, Evening/Weekend and Adjunct office by the end of the week. Belen Gonzales and Linda Gutierrez have moved over to the Counseling hallway and are using offices located there (Cicely McCreight's old office, and one other office).
Action(s) required:None

Agenda #8

Topic:Any reports to the Sept 1 Board of Trusttees meeting
Presenter:Ann Wright
Summary of Agenda Item:It was discussed that RAC would not make another presentation at this time. Barbara Yesnosky would report on the state budget
Action(s) required:None

Agenda #9

Topic:Town Hall Meeting
Presenter:Ann Wright
Summary of Agenda Item:There was discussion that a Town Hall meeting would be postponed until after there was more information about the budget.
Action(s) required:None.

Agenda #10

Topic:Attendance of RFC (combined RAC/FIS/Cabinet) at 8/26/2009 meeting
Summary of Agenda Item:RAC members: Ann Wright, Armando Cortes,
Dale Fuge, Kelly Locke,Langston Johnson, Margie Wiebusch, Nancy Schur

FIS members: Al Munoz, Armando Cortes, Beverly Grova, Joanne Trevino, Larry Adams, Peter Calvert

Cabinet members: Gary Hughes, Greg Peterson, Liz Estrella, Jennifer Fellguth, Terri Pyer, Beverly Grova (FIS member), Paulette Bumbalough
Action(s) required:None.